Past on clothes drier_1

Pasta drying on my clothes drier

I had a great day last Wednesday foraging with Ross Bruce, the head chef of the Felin Fach Griffen.  We went to my usual haunts and foraged laver, sea beet, fool’s watercress, alexanders, black mustard, three cornered garlic and navelwort.  Who says there’s nothing to eat in the winter??  We brought it all back here and created a veritable lunchtime feast in my kitchen.  I roasted the laver in some sesame oil and had that as an appetiser with chilli flakes, seasoned with sesame, salt and sugar.  Ross said it was the best way he’d eaten laver (great compliment coming from a Welshman).  Then we had three cornered garlic gnocchi with a black mustard and alexanders cream sauce (yum yum yum).  Then the fun really began. We let rip on the pasta machine.


Lasagne sheet with inlaid fools watercress_1

Fool’s Watercress inlaid into lasagne sheets

Stripy taglietelle_1
Stripy sea beet taglietelle

Stripy sock lasagne_1
Stripy sock lasagne (made with laver seaweed and sea beet)

We made green pasta using seabeet, seaweed pasta using cooked laver, and inlaid whole herbs into regular egg pasta.  We let our creative juices flow and rolled out a whole load of stripy taglietelle, green taglietelle and various combinations of lasagne sheets with stripes, stars and inlaid herbs.  My fantastic clothes drier (made by my lovely sister in law Bridget) came in handy for drying the pasta on.

Living partly in Italy she was very happy to see her creation put to such great use.  The beauty of it is that the poles are made of chrome and not wood, perfect for pasta.   My 3 year old son Jed loved the pasta so much that he munched through piles of uncooked taglietelle.  I’m sure it’s not good to eat uncooked flour but he’s still alive and got his daily micro nutrients from the sea beet and seaweed.



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