Jul 282011

Back at the end of May Waitrose came to take photos of me foraging and cooking for a photographic feature on people who work outside with food. It will be in the August edition of the Waitrose magazine.

"It won't take long" he said, and after 4 hours of posing supposedly naturally with my hat tilted at just the right angle, my basket swung in just the right trajectory, with my smile, warm, natural and definitely mouth closed, foot tucked in behind my left leg as in a jaunty stroll down by the creekside, I was beginning to lose my portrait poise…patience….and politeness.

No bad feeling to the photographer as I really liked him, but an interesting insight into portait photography.

I just hope the final result was worth the effort!  Here he is photographing me cooking some mackerel my daughter had just caught that afternoon, with some wild fennel and wild garlic freshly foraged over a wood fire.  We were on holiday camping on the Helford River.  Total Bliss.  We had a field to ourselves in St Anthony and moored our boat just a stone's throw from our camp…


yes, this photo was taken by Frank, my husband, and obviously not the photographer… I'm expecting something pretty special when the magazine comes out!




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