Aug 132014

I just wanted to share some photos with you of our new kitchen & dining room at Fat Hen.  This was recently completed at the end of last year and we finally opened the doors this April.  We are offering a whole range of wild food based courses and options for bespoke bookings, private dining and a supper club. 

The Cookery School



The Book Case!Booksg


The Kitchen, Teaching Space & Dining RoomGroupg


Fish & Shellfish Cookery CourseLightg


Fish & Shellfish Cookery CourseBarng

Evening Rabbit Butchery DemonstrationJBP_FatHen_June14-7461


Preparing prosecco & rose cocktails for a Fat Hen supper nightJBP_FatHen_June14-7271

Supper night – we can accommodate up to 24 for dining



Fat Hen supper nightJBP_FatHen_June14-7413


Fat Hen supper nightJBP_FatHen_June14-7421

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