The green travel plan sets out my plan to encourage and enable visitors to the cookery school to come by public transport, to cycle, to car share and to use the Fat Hen minibus.

We have recently invested in an 8 seater VW transporter shuttle for transporting clients around Penwith. For larger groups I can hire a 15 seater minibus to transport the group around.

We will support all visitors coming on our courses to arrive by train by offering packages that include all transfers to and from Penzance train station and to local accommodation and to Fat Hen for the course.

We have 4 bus stops within 2 miles of Fat Hen and we will encourage people to come by bus by making it known to all visitors that the Fat Hen minibus is available for transferring them from local bus stops to us.

Crucially, the green travel plan outlines measures to minimise traffic on the access track to Fat Hen and to keep cars parked at Fat Hen to a minimum.


  • to set out measures that will reduce visitor and staff car use at Fat Hen;
  • to encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport;
  • to reduce unnecessary travel and ensure that the access track to Fat Hen is clear at busy times for the farm;
  • to ensure that all visitors and staff are aware of the green travel plan;
  • to make it easy for visitors and staff to arrive at Fat Hen without bringing their cars.

The plan aims to put a framework in place for reducing the amount of traffic coming to and from Fat Hen and therefore minimise any congestion on the access track to Boscawen-noon Farm.

The plan will create a more attractive site to arrive to with less cars at Fat Hen fitting in with the rural surroundings and green ethos of the business.

The plan will have health benefits by encouraging the use of cycling to the site.

The plan will benefit the local economy by having people use local trains and buses.

The plan will benefit our two neighbours by keeping traffic on the access track to a minimum and therefore minimising any disturbance to them.


Currently there is just one full time member of staff at Fat Hen (myself – Caroline Davey) and I live on site. I will use the Fat Hen minibus for picking up and dropping off visitors, staff, supplies etc.

I currently employ self employed chefs and kitchen staff on a part-time basis.

We currently have parking spaces for 12 cars.


  • CAR– visitors mainly come to Fat Hen in pairs but sometimes alone. We encourage lift sharing wherever we can. Once people arrive at Fat Hen we take the minibus out foraging plus one other car or taxi so there are no more than two cars coming to and fro once the course has begun.
  • TRAIN – Penzance train station is 5 miles away. We have an 8 seater minibus which we use for transferring visitors and staff from Penzance Train Station. We also use a local taxi company Prowse cars (01736 871786) who have an 8 seater taxi.
  • BUS – there are 4 bus stops within 2 miles of Fat Hen with regular buses from Penzance and St Just.


Visitors or staff arriving by bus can be picked up from these local bus stops by the Fat Hen minibus.

We encourage cycling to and from Fat Hen and additionally we run Wild Food Cycling Days so that all the travel we do to forage for ingredients is undertaken by bicycle. We have a bike rack for the minibus which carries 4 bikes so that we can accommodate cyclists who want to cycle just one way to Fat Hen (for instance either to or from Penzance train station) and require a lift back.


We would like to encourage all visitors and staff to use public transport or cycle to Fat Hen. There are links to bus timetables (see above).

There is a 10% discount on course fees for people who leave their cars at home.

We provide lifts in the Fat Hen minibus to and from Penzance train station and/or local bus stops.

We would like to encourage walking from St Buryan & Sancreed bus stops. Footpaths from both these locations pass through quiet countryside fantastic for walking. It takes approximately 1/2 hour to walk across the fields from St Buryan and the same from Sancreed.

To make cycling easier we can provide a one way lift back to Penzance train station for cyclists who need to catch trains. We have a bike rack on the Fat Hen minibus which will carry up to 4 bikes.

We run some days which are purely wild food cycling days. This is the ultimate ‘green course’ as we travel all over Penwith foraging for food by bicycle.

We can provide a complete course package that includes all transfers from Penzance train station to local accommodation providers and to Fat Hen and back. This is to encourage people to book the whole package in one go without having to consider bringing their cars to Cornwall.

For some of the foraging courses the initial morning meeting place will be in Penzance to reduce everyone travelling out to Fat Hen before travelling off again from here to go foraging. Meeting in Penzance will ensure that most of the course clientele can then be transported in the Fat Hen minibus + one other car. Therefore only 2 vehicles will be using the access track to Fat Hen on some foraging courses.

For larger groups up to 15 (particularly school groups) I can hire a minibus to pick the group up from the arranged meeting place and bring them here in one vehicle.