Fat Hen

Oct 302010
The Countryfile piece with me and James Wong has been postponed till another episode. It will not be on Sunday 31st but in the next few weeks. Will keep you posted on date. Read More »
Oct 012010
My 100kg Sugar MountainBack in June I went full steam ahead into mass elderflower cordial production.  This year's harvest was to be turned into 300 litres of cordial.   I ordered 100kg of sugar, 5kg of citric acid, had an order for hundreds of organic lemons and oranges in the pipeline and was waiting for 600 half litre clear Read More »
Sep 282010
Saturday TelegraphThe Saturday Telegraph listed Fat Hen as number one in their list of the best holiday courses teaching sustainable living. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/picturegalleries/7590648/Ten-sustainable-living-holiday-courses.html Ten Sustainable Living Courses   From making your own cheese, to shearing sheep and fly-fishing, we pick the best holidays teaching sustainable living. Foraging, Cornwall Hogweed seed biscotti, Champagne and elderberry cocktails, nettle frittata Read More »
Jun 162009
Having never been given processed food as a child, by a mother who grew up in rural Wales during the war, I have always been interested in food.I spent a colourful childhood in Hongkong and Botswana and had a real understanding of where food came from.  As a 6 year old I saw decapitated chickens Read More »
Jun 022009
What to do when your nettle beer explodes?!Gorgeous refreshing nettle and ginger beer stacked up in the workshop ready to drink but far too fizzy… oh damn the bottles are starting to explode.  This is as dangerous as a bomb going off if you happen to be in the vicinity of the bottles.  I recall a story by my in-laws whose ginger Read More »
May 282009
What a weekend!Wow!  we were totally blessed with perfect weather for Fat Hen's gourmet wild food weekend last weekend 23/24th May.  blazing hot sunshine all weekend….We also had a great gang of people on our weekend including two lovely writers and three hilarious lads from Surrey.  We foraged for rock samphire, laver seaweed, sea beet, mallow flowers, Read More »