Want to Volunteer?


We are part of the HELPX scheme and regularly have volunteers staying here for periods ranging from 1 week up to 1 month. We provide food and accommodation in exchange for help. If you are interested in helping out please join helpx and contact us through their website.

We need help in a wide range of activities to ensure the smooth running of the business and our family life. We are a very busy family with 3 children and running Fat Hen is a giant juggling act.

We usually expect 6 hours work a day, 5 days a week, with 2 days off. We are flexible and try to ensure that you get to enjoy the local area and to experience the real Cornwall from people who live here.

The kinds of jobs that need to be done here are: kitchen help (washing up, waiting tables, cooking, preserving wild foods), foraging for ingredients, gardening, decorating, building and child care.

I am also looking for a longer term volunteer who would be interested in gaining some experience in the day to day running of Fat Hen. The skills I need in a person are: sociability, marketing, administration, social networking, PR, film making, cooking, graphic design, photography. I don’t expect to find someone with all those skills but the administration, sales and marketing experience is the most important. Ideally, someone who can drive too.

I need someone who can use their own initiative and who is also adaptable and resourceful. This would be a great opportunity for someone who wants to build up their skills and who wants to experience all aspects of running a small business. There will be the opportunity to see the business grow and develop and you will be able to achieve tangible results through your role.

In exchange I can offer food, accommodation and foraging & cookery tuition. This can be a part time role for someone who lives locally or more full time for someone who wants to live here on site.

Please contact me to find out more with a copy of your C.V.