Return to nature and the source of your food

Photograph of Caroline Davey from Fat Hen, The Wild Food Cookery School, foraging seaweed in Cornwall



….. in the wilds of West Cornwall, in all seasons, with a professional ecologist.

Photograph of a wild food cookery course at Fat Hen in Cornwall



….. in our bespoke cookery school with ingredients foraged or sourced from the wild.

Photograph of a wild food Supper Club Evening at Fat Hen Cookery School in West Cornwall



….. on the fruits of your labour, by fire and candlelight, at long farmhouse tables.



Fat Hen is a celebration of wild food and cooking and a coming together of people to enjoy the outdoors, to create fabulous food from nature’s humble ingredients and to eat together in great company.

Fat Hen has been chosen as one of the top ten best foraging courses in the UK by Countryfile. And was chosen by the Telegraph as one of the best sustainable living courses in the UK.

Fat Hen is also a very common edible plant. Not a lot of people know that. Most assume the business was named after the poultry variety and then wonder what on earth chickens have to do with wild food?!

So, now you know. Fat Hen was once an important staple crop 2000 years ago, with the leaves being used like spinach and the seeds providing a nutritious grain. It is still cultivated in northern regions of India but treated like a weed nearly everywhere else. Read more about Fat Hen here.

Wild Food Foraging At Sennen Cove, Cornwall:

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Photograph of Caroline Davey from Fat Hen foraging for wild food in Cornwall